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4 Steps to Start Confidently Pitching & Landing Paid Work with Brands 


In This Masterclass

You Will Learn...

#1 Mistake Photographers & Bloggers Are Making That Is Costing Them Money

and the mandatory mindset shift that any freelance photographer, blogger and creative needs to make to scale their business and make consistent income creating content for your ideal client. 

3 Tips for Creating a High Converting Pitch

that is value driven and actually grabs the attention from brands. Learn my Pitch Formula with examples so that you can start reaching out to brands TODAY!


How to Turn a NO into a YES and Overcome Common Objections 

What happens after you start getting a response from brands and how do you actually land the opportunity? Learn how to navigate common objections and turn a stalled opportunity into a paid contract. 


The Single Most Important Key to Success

and why you can’t afford to overlook this concept as an entrepreneur trying to build a profitable business.


"Working with Candice was a sigh of relief! I've been struggling the past few weeks to identify what I need to focus on, to help propel my business. Candice listened to the challenges I was facing, then helped me to see what I needed to focus on, gave me achievable steps to accomplish those goals, and gave me the tools and resources to help me succeed. I feel so much more confident and prepared for the direction I need to go! "

Julia @bakingthissimple

Are you taking ACTION to monetize your business...

but are frustrated by the lack of results?

Instead of the overwhelm trying to figure out HOW, i’ve packaged it together and will be sharing my 4 Steps to Start Pitching & Landing Paid Work with Food Brands that you can implement TODAY!  

These are my proven strategies that i’ve learned as an entrepreneur and over my decade career in corporate sales that made the biggest impact on making money and moving the needle in my business quickly. 

A Note From Candice...


Are you a Freelance Photographer, blogger or creative in the food industry that is struggling to land clients?

OR are frustrated with the stagnant growth of your business and are unsure how to scale or WHAT exactly to focus on to bring in consistent income?

I was there too. Just two years ago when I left my lucrative sales career to pursue my freelance photography business full-time.

I've applied over 10 years of sales experience to successfully pitch and land consistent work with my ideal clients as a food photographer. Now I've coached dozens and dozens of other aspiring and established Food Photographers, Bloggers and Creatives to do the same. 

I believe that success as an entrepreneur starts with a resilient mindset, goal setting around what is most fulfilling for each individual that is founded upon a strategy to bring in consistent and long lasting clients. This is how a thriving AND fulfilling business is created!

 I would be honored to walk along side you if you choose to take this step in your journey towards a thriving biz!


"I truly enjoyed my first one on one call with Candice! She dove right in and pin pointed the mistakes that I was making with my pitching and offered great solutions in return. We discussed different ways for me to market my business to clients and the unique skills I have that can differentiate myself from other food photographers. After the call, I felt motivated to start pitching again. I can’t wait to implement everything we spoke about to get my photography business back on the right track. "